Xerox ConnectKey:

Game-Changing Print Technology

Xerox ConnectKey transforms multifunction printers into centralized document management solutions. By pushing the boundaries of what multifunction printers can do, Xerox is building bridges to new workflow possibilities in the office.

Since its release in 2017, ConnectKey has unified interface technology among Xerox printers and multifunction devices. This easy-to-use interface makes managing multiple units easier than ever – something Keypoint Intelligence’s Buyer’s Lab has so far honored with 15 distinct awards.

All Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink printers feature ConnectKey technology. ConnectKey requires no specialized IT support – your printers automatically connect with one another through your network and allow you to immediately begin enjoying the benefits of next-generation print technology.

What Can Xerox ConnectKey Do for You?

ConnectKey is a cloud-based software suite that offers groundbreaking features and performance. Businesses that rely on ConnectKey technology enjoy four key benefits:

Tablet-Like Interface

The ConnectKey user experience is streamlined and easy to understand. Print functions and features are accessible as apps on a 10-inch touchscreen interface. Anyone used to using a smartphone can instantly complete advanced workflows with ConnectKey.

Mobile Compatibility

ConnectKey is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Simply download the Xerox app and you can start sending and receiving documents with nothing more than your phone and an internet connection.

Benchmark Security

Printer security is more important than ever. Xerox devices use sophisticated processes to detect unauthorized users, detect data exfiltration, and encrypt documents waiting for print. ConnectKey printers check their own firmware upon start-up, further enhancing their security profile.

Custom Applications

ConnectKey users can customize the platform using a broad variety of applications available on the Xerox App Gallery. Individual users can configure their screens to show the apps they use most, and even optimize workflows by automatically triggering apps to work together.

Xerox App Gallery Highlights

Xerox is hard at work creating new ConnectKey apps that businesses and enterprises can use to improve workflows and reduce inefficiency. Many third-party developers have already built applications that interface with the ConnectKey environment.


Cloud Storage Apps

With ConnectKey, Xerox allows multifunction printers to print and scan document directly from the world’s most popular cloud storage platforms. There are free ConnectKey apps for Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, email, and many others. Watch the video


Offline Printing

Secure offline printing automatically engages when cloud network connections are compromised. ConnectKey-enabled printers can also serve as a network interface for printers outside of your corporate network. Have employees send documents and data to disk and then physically print secure materials without exposing the hardware to unsecured connections.


On-Demand Compliance

For organizations that operate in regulated fields, Xerox ConnectKey offers industry-specific applications to meet regulatory guidelines. For instance, our Healthcare providers will be happy to know that Xerox offers KNO2 (link to Xerox site page), a HIPAA-compliant ConnectKey app for sharing patient information securely through provider networks.


Easy Translate

ConnectKey Easy Translate gives organizations the ability to instantly translate documents between more than 40 languages. Xerox offers multiple levels of translation, from instant AI-powered translation to world-class translation performed by a human subject matter expert and sent to a professional editor. Watch the Video


Optical Character Recognition

Xerox ConnectKey apps use next-generation optical character recognition to automatically transform paper documents into digital ones. This technology allows organizations to significantly reduce the amount of time spent manually inputting data on digital forms.


Workflow and App Development

Enterprise Xerox customers that need customized solutions for high-impact workflows can develop their own applications for the ConnectKey platform. This allows organizations to automate processes while faithfully following their existing workflows and reducing manual data entry.

Professional Print Fleet Management with Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey is an especially valuable asset when combined with the efficient, resource-saving solution managed print service provides. When organizations gain the ability to automate business processes through their multifunction printers, they also enjoy access to best-in-class tracking and print usage statistics.

AltaLink users can give each individual employee his or her own account on the ConnectKey system. This allows every user to set their own customized home screen and app selections. But it also gives print process owners visibility into print resource usage among users and departments.

ConnectKey printers automatically establish themselves on your network and generate reports on print usage at the individual user level. This makes it easy for office administrators to establish sustainability goals and put policies in place that achieve those goals.

Organizations have even more to gain from performing comprehensive print assessments and signing on for managed print services with the ConnectKey environment. Unparalleled process automation and efficiency is now within the grasp of small businesses and major enterprises alike.

Revitalize your print fleet using Xerox ConnectKey technology. Speak with one of our experts about deploying AltaLink or VersaLink printers in your office.

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