XMC Mailing Solutions

Bring Order, Efficiency, and Impact Back to Your Mailroom

Managing a mailroom, whether for a small office or large organization, is an enormous challenge that only gets harder as its responsibilities grow. For your company to expand, you need to implement scalable mailing solutions that allow you to communicate with your customers and partners easily.

Manual processes impose a hard limit on just how much work a mailroom employee can finish in a single day. As your company grows, the time and cost of printing variable data documents, folding them into envelopes, stamping them with the appropriate postage, and sending them out quickly become unmanageable.

This is where XMC can bring in qualified expertise and advanced equipment that streamline your mailing processes while enabling scalable growth. Working together with your mail team, we can ensure your company connects with its clients – and vice versa – in ways that cut costs and bring more business.

FP Mailing Solutions: Postage Meters

FP Mailing Solutions is a leading manufacturer of postage meters and high quality mail equipment. With features like automated postage updates, it provides businesses with a range of postage meters designed to make creating and sending mail easier than ever before.

The PostBase Mini

Ideal for small businesses and home offices, the PostBase Mini is the first step towards world-class postage efficiency. It is a compact, economical device that features a color touch screen, whisper-quiet operation, and benchmark security.

The PostBase Integra

Offices that have low to mid-volume mail responsibilities need a postage meter that is cost-effective while offering long-term accommodations for growth. PostBase Integra owners can meet future business needs by purchasing optional upgrades to increase functionality as needed.

The PostBase Pro

The PostBase Pro is a must-have for fast-paced mailrooms with high volume needs. It maximizes efficiency while handling even the most demanding of mail environments with ease.

FP Mailing Solutions: Folder-inserters

Folder-inserters are a critical tool in any mailroom. Feeding, folding, inserting, sealing, and stacking documents without the help of an automated folder-inserter are time-consuming and expensive. Multiple options help businesses achieve optimal results.

FPi 600

This small business folder-inserter can process 1,350 letters per hour, making it an economical choice for reducing the amount of employee-hours spent on low-impact mailroom processes.

FPi 4700

This folder-inserter is ideal for offices with low to midrange volumes of outgoing mail. It can handle up to 3,800 envelopes per hour.

FPi 6700

This high-volume enterprise folder-inserter can handle multiple kinds of complex mail items with first-rate efficiency and reliability.