Document Management for Government

Government agencies have to face a unique set of challenges when procuring solutions for their IT infrastructure and document management needs. Not only do government administrators have to remain accountable for their decisions, but their employees need to use clear, well-designed systems that allow for efficient government service delivery.

Since citizens depend on public institutions for a wide range of services, authorizations, and processes, miscommunication and mismanagement can lead to damaging, expensive consequences. Technology providers need to be able to guarantee effective communication for government agencies while putting reliable systems in place.

At the same time, budgets for government institutions are not growing at a rate proportional to the services they are supposed to fund. Data security concerns are putting increased demands on governmental infrastructure while asserting regulatory compliance. Government agencies need to entrust their systems to reputable service providers in order to guarantee efficiency.


Government agencies have unique compliance and security concerns. On one hand, government agencies have proven to be very popular cybercrime targets. On the other, citizens need government services to be accessible and convenient, which often results in conflict.

When government agencies rely on XMC to generate solutions for on-demand compliance and best-in-class cybersecurity, they earn the ability to transform IT costs into IT assets. Secure, streamlined workflows are critical to the dependable delivery of government services now and in the future.


Government agencies need to be accountable for procurement and spending. But manual processes are poorly suited to handling complicated financial processes in the government environment. XMC process automation is key to making clear, accurate financial reports.

Electronic Document Management

Government agencies can’t lose documents. They also can’t waste time looking for paper documents hidden in a maze of metal filing cabinets. You need to store your documents on a professionally managed digital platform that supports modern versioning and cybersecurity features.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services are key to reducing the amount of time that government IT staff spends fixing broken printers and responding to IT support calls. With proactive preventative maintenance included in the service, it’s possible for government IT staff to focus on higher-impact, strategic initiatives for improving service.

Print Policy Management

A proper print policy can vastly reduce the amount of print resources government employees use on a daily basis. By implementing print audit software, such as PaperCut, and capturing print usage in real-time, government administrators can reduce print waste and reduce out-of-control printing in their departments.

Mobile Print

Mobile print makes it easier for government employees to obtain the documents they need. Without a mobile print solution in place, your government agency may be susceptible to mobile security vulnerabilities, as employees are likely to use unsecured mobile devices regardless of policy. Translator white icon


Xerox Easy Translate makes it possible for government agencies to automatically translate incoming paper documents. The software can print out a translated version of the document or send it directly to an email address or cloud storage folder.

Analysis and Review

Government agencies have to hold themselves accountable for their actions, both internally and externally. Best-in-class data gathering and report generation tools help administrators create and deliver accurate, precise reports using real-time data and up-to-the-minute analyses.

App Design and Development

One of the best things that government agencies can do to reduce the cost of processing applications and authorizations is exposing their business processes as secure public web applications. XMC can develop and implement solutions that make legacy applications available online, reducing agency workload while improving efficiency.

Make XMC Your Government Agency’s Technology Provider

Your government agency needs to use technology to quickly and accurately deliver services, generate reports, and analyze data. XMC makes this possible by offering best-in-class equipment alongside reputable expertise. Our experts will walk you through the procurement and implementation process.

Your government agency needs best-in-class technology in order to handle increasing demands. Speak to XMC specialists and begin the procurement process today.

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