Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Through Efficient IT Infrastructure

There’s a good reason why today’s most successful manufacturers are efficiency-driven – some might even say efficiency-obsessed – and we think this is a good thing! The ability to produce high-quality products is only as valuable as the inherent costs of making those products.

The more time that employees spend looking for documents or dealing with confusing training materials while trying to handle complex workflows, the less time they actually spend building great products. This hurts the manufacturer’s bottom line and leads to increased costs across the board.

A great document management system and an efficient managed print infrastructure can help manufacturers take control of infrastructural costs. XMC provides manufacturers with customized solutions to reduce manufacturing costs by improving internal and external communication throughout the organization

XMC Tools and Expertise Helps Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Efficiency-oriented manufacturing executives know the transformative power of great communication. More than ever, the manufacturer’s IT network is a communication network, telling employees what projects to focus on and giving up-to-date reports to management so that they can improve processes even more. XMC technology is critical to achieving this goal.

Mobile Print

Mobile print makes it easy for on-the-go manufacturing employees to use print assets directly from their smartphones and tablet computers. This is important because it significantly reduces the amount of time spent sending documents back and forth for printing, and it improves mobile security for the entire company.

Standard Accounting

Accountants need to have access to the most precise, up-to-date data on manufacturing processes in order to do their jobs. Automated workflows make it easy for accountants to gather the data they are looking for and create comprehensive reports that inform the executive decision-making process.

Easy Translate

Large manufacturers are almost guaranteed to have to deal with multilingual documents. Whether working offshore facilities in other countries or importing and exporting components, the need for clear, document-based communication is constant. Xerox Easy Translate offers on-the-go cloud translation for organizations that need fast, accurate results.

Document Management

Efficient document management helps large industries reduce manufacturing costs indirectly, but significantly. Employees who spend time looking for documents and training materials cannot effectively do their jobs if those materials are not ready at hand. XMC solutions can implement highly organized electronic document management for manufacturer databases.

Managed Print Services

Manufacturing IT teams have their hands full checking, verifying, and updating the heavy machinery that directly generates value. There is no need for a manufacturer’s IT team to spend time replacing print consumables or fixing broken printers – these low-impact workflows are ideally suited to XMC’s managed print services team.

Security and Compliance

Manufacturing cybersecurity means more than preventing costly ransomware attacks. It also means preventing corporate espionage. Implementing an IT infrastructure solution that protects trade secrets while remaining compliant with all applicable regulations is a job for XMC’s highly qualified developers.

Analysis and Reporting

Manufacturing executives need to keep their eyes on print audits and financial reports in order to make sure their businesses remain profitable and sustainable. XMC analysis software can make a significant difference towards ensuring that management has access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data on their most critical processes.

Workflow Automation and Application Development

Manufacturing engineers know how important workflow automation is when physically building products. The same is true when building digital databases and reporting on intangible assets. XMC developers can automate manufacturing workflow reporting and develop customized applications for our manufacturing partners.

Let XMC Provide You with Modern IT Solutions

Your manufacturing firm can vastly improve its efficiency and cost-effectiveness by having XMC develop and implement technology solutions suited to your needs. Our team can help you develop bespoke solutions for automating the communication of data inside your organization and augmenting your ability to build meaningful bridges with partners and customers outside your organization.

Upgrade the IT infrastructure of your manufacturing firm. Call XMC and talk to one of our manufacturing experts today.

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