XMC Document Management:

Security, Accessibility, and Workflows

If it seems like businesses need to keep track of more documents than ever, that’s because it’s true. Even the administrative needs of a small business far outweigh the record-keeping potential of its workforce – and those needs only compound as the business gets bigger.

But the larger an organization is, the more explicit customer expectations are about the speed and accuracy of the system it represents. At this level, the sheer number of documents that need to be received, processed, edited, authorized, and archived is staggering.

This is where document management systems come into play. For small businesses and large enterprises alike, they represent a key step towards standardizing the filing process between employees and ensuring that different individuals, working in different departments, can immediately access the same document if they need to.

At the same time, these documents and their contents need to be secured against cybercriminal threats and employee negligence. Only the implementation of best-in-class document management software can ensure that this is the case.

XMC Document Management Combines Three Excellent Solutions

At its core, there are three major elements of document management that both small businesses and large corporations share. These three elements correspond to three steps in the lifetime journey of a business document.

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Document Capture

Document Storage

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Print Environment Control

XMC’s Document management team uses three highly sophisticated software solutions to meet the particular needs of these phases in the document lifecycle. We control document costs for our customers by optimizing these individual phases.

Document Capture – Nuance

The first phase of the document lifecycle is capture. We use Nuance to help our clients accurately capture incoming documents and convert them into editable digital files that are secure and easy to process.

Nuance allows users to capture documents using multifunction printers equipped with optical character recognition technology. It also allows users to capture documents using mobile devices, simply by pointing the device’s camera at the device and letting a cloud-based server perform the heavy lifting.

Document Storage – Square 9

Square 9 is a robust document storage platform that automated the process of indexing and organizing documents. It offers secure and compliant document storage while automatically interpreting document content so that users can gain access to information the second it arrives in the system.

Square 9 produces compounding benefits for optimizing workflow processes because it improves business processes throughout the entire organization. It removes the need for manual data entry and allows businesses to eliminate slow, inefficient, paper-based processes.

Document Printing – PaperCut

With documents captured by Nuance and securely stored in Square 9, employees have on-demand access to the information they need to perform their most critical tasks. Yet there are still times when printing is necessary. PaperCut is the answer to cutting print waste, tracking print usage, and saving on print processes.

PaperCut allows for print fleet management on the individual user level. It lets office managers track and control print usage while paper waste. With PaperCut, you can identify your office’s biggest print users and limit their print privileges to documents that meet specific criteria, or give them a specific set of print credits per day.

Implement Modern Document Management at Your Organization

By combining sophisticated document management tools with the expertise of our highly qualified team of consultants and analysts, small businesses and large enterprises can control document costs while improving compliance and security across the board. By reducing the amount of time it takes to find documents, you improve the overall efficiency of the entire business and all of its processes.

Expert document management also provides benefits for security and client confidentiality. Eliminating unsecured document communications and replacing them with secure channels helps protect sensitive data. Included industry-standard disaster recovery solutions ensure that your documents are safe even in the event your network is compromised.

Reduce the costs of misfiled documents and improve the efficiency of document recovery with our help. Contact an XMC document management expert today.

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