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Leasing with XMC

Whether you are setting up a new office or updating the equipment in your existing workplace, leasing can be a great option. It may give you access to equipment you can use to boost productivity and improve revenue without having to pay for the entire cost up front.

XMC operates its own leasing company and enjoys strategic partnerships with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. We can help you get a beneficial lease contract for the equipment you need to grow your business.

Benefits to Leasing Office Equipment vs. Buying

Purchasing new equipment is easy to understand. If you have enough cash on hand to pay for the equipment, you simply buy it, set it up in your office, and use it. If you use it successfully, you offset the cost of buying it with the added revenue in generates.

Positive Cash Flow

This is the major difference between buying and leasing. Since you don’t have to pay for office equipment up-front, you can strategically invest that money in things that cannot be leased, like marketing campaigns, employee salaries, or research and development.

More Liquidity

If your business has a line of credit from the bank, you may want to keep that line of credit clear of equipment-related obligations so that you can cover emergencies or opportunities for expansion. Leases let you compound the capabilities that liquidity offers.

Tax Benefits

Leased equipment may not need to appear on your company’s balance sheet. You should only have to pay sales tax on each lease payment, rather than the total value of the leased equipment. Furthermore, if you meet certain criteria, your lease payments may be tax-deductible. Learn about Section 179.

Opportunities to Upgrade

Your leasing contract may allow you to trade in your leased equipment for newer, more powerful, and more efficient systems as time goes on. This would allow your organization to stay on top of technological advances without having to constantly buy new and sell equipment to keep up.

XMC Financial Offers Flexible Equipment Leasing from Multiple Partners

The terms of your leasing contract are the most important factor when determining how valuable your leasing arrangement can be. XMC customers enjoy access to flexible, negotiable contract terms with our own leasing company and two other highly reputable companies in the office equipment leasing industry.
We work with Great America and Xerox to offer our customers access to the best possible leasing terms and conditions. Our partnerships let us approach the leasing negotiation from a versatile perspective, finding innovative ways to obtain mutually beneficial terms for everyone involved.

For instance, organizations who wish to lease equipment and then return it after a set period of time may be interested in a true lease. But organizations who want to acquire equipment through a lease, paying for it over time but keeping the equipment afterwards, will want a capital lease.

We’re happy to provide our customers with options for both true and capital leases for a broad range of office equipment. We can lease monochrome production printers, high-volume color printing presses, Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction devices, and much more. An XMC leasing specialist can help you identify the ideal terms for flexible equipment leasing that meets your organization’s needs.

Are you ready to purchase and deploy the latest print and office equipment? Talk to one of our leasing specialists to find out how easy the process is.

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