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Reduce Costs, Improve Productivity, & Gain Visibility

Small businesses, offices, and large enterprises share a common thread when it comes to printing costs – they want to reduce them while maximizing output efficiency. Regardless of size, organizations have a hard time determining the exact costs of printing equipment, document filing, and print-related processes.

It’s a well-known fact that the price of a printer only reflects a part of its overall cost. You must factor in the cost of consumables like toner cartridges and paper, too. But there is much more to identifying the total cost of ownership of your print fleet.

For instance, if you track the amount of time your IT team spends fixing broken printers or finding and replacing consumables, there is a significant opportunity cost. Every hour an IT technician spends working on a printer is an hour not spent developing a high-impact application, or streamlining employee workflows.

Add the environmental costs of unmanaged printing to this equation. The average employee has no incentive no avoid printing documents. Multiply this over an entire department and it’s easy to see why office printers are routinely pushed beyond their limits, leading to physical waste as well as wasted time for everyone involved.

Address Printing Inefficiencies with XMC Managed Print Services

Control Costs

Managed print services give small business owners, office managers, and enterprise executives a clear path towards managing out-of-control print costs. XMC’s team can help you reach your cost-cutting targets and achieve green initiatives while improving productivity and reducing waste.

Digital Transition

Additionally, our managed print services help businesses transition from paper-based processes to digital ones and improve the visibility of print processes. We do this by establishing a system of accountability wherein process owners can identify and analyze usage data for individual users on the print network.

Comprehensive Reports

Our process is simple and effective. We use the MPS Maturity Assessment to assess our customer’s print fleet against core client values. This enables our customers to generate comprehensive print audit reports and then program print rules into those users’ profiles.

How Managed Print Solutions Work

The process of developing and deploying a managed print network can be divided into six basic steps. After the final step, continuous improvement becomes a routine process by which waste and inefficiency is gradually eliminated from print processes.

Scenario-Based Q&A

The first step is a scenario-based roundtable discussion with print process owners where our experienced team looks at opportunities for our customers to improve. This is where management and employees can voice their concerns.

Data Collection

This step involves interactive engagement with our customers’ print assets. We install software that tracks print usage throughout the network and collect all of that information in a report that serves as the starting point for optimizing the network.

Data Analysis

With the data in-hand, our team can analyze the results to identify opportunities for improvement. These opportunities include ways to disincentivize print wastage and infrastructural changes that could put lower cost-per-page printers in higher-volume departments.

Identify Goals and Measure Progress.

Now our team can turn broad goals into specific, measurable results that the managed service team can deliver. Analysis and measurement happen in real-time on a constant basis.


At managed print experts, we can benchmark your progress against market averages, showing where you stand compared to your competitors in print waste management and optimization.

Continuous Improvement

For the final step, we leverage our expertise with Xerox hardware and software to provide a clear roadmap to continuous improvement with recommendations for adapting to future growth.

Perform a Print Study and Start Saving on Print Processes

The first step towards uncovering the hidden costs of print equipment maintenance and processes is undergoing a comprehensive print study. Our team can begin the process and provide you with a complete analysis of your organization’s print usage today. XMC managed print services will give your organization an edge when it comes to print efficiency and environmental impact.

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