How the XMC Approach

Saves Time and Money

For small businesses, enterprises, and large institutions, there are many technology service providers to choose from. The best providers know how to save their clients time, boost revenues, and improve production.

When it comes to office technology acquisition, implementation, and maintenance, long-term value is a critical part of the decision-making process. Finding the right partner means developing a relationship that will reliably produce value, both now and in the future.

How the XMC Approach Works

Our award-winning approach consists of five phases. Each of these puts us one step closer to satisfying our customers’ needs in a complete and innovative way.



The first step to any technology services installation project is discovery. We bring new, outside-the-box ideas to our customers and find ways to stimulate value by assessing opportunities for improving processes and assets.



Following project discovery, we assess our customers’ needs according to the technological solutions our partners provide. For instance, performing an MPS Print Study and Workflow Analysis or looking for the most reliable and efficient multifunction printer within a specific price and print volume range.



After gathering data, our analysts generate a complete strategy for implementing technology solutions that will improve process efficiencies across the board. This customized proposal comes with key projections spanning the agreement lifecycle.


Installation and Training

Our expert analysts will train your employees in how to take full advantage of their new technology framework. We’ll schedule follow up visits with an account executive in order to identify new opportunities for improvement.


Quarterly Business Reviews

As a dedicated technology services partner, our job is not done after the installation and training step is complete. We take time to assess our effectiveness using quarterly business reports and use that data to suggest further enhancements to document management and print services efficiency.

Discover How XMC’s Expertise Drives Business Results

Custom Solutions

There is no one-size fits all solution with XMC. We gather key data about each customer’s technology usage and develop solutions uniquely suited to address those needs.

Timeline Flexibility

Our team of more than 80 technology service professionals can work within any timeframe. Whether you are in need of a quick proposal or interested in a full assessment of your environment, we can develop flexible, integrated solutions at your pace.

Long-Term Value

We strive to implement solutions that provide value today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. Our team at XMC provides assurances against obsolete technology, and offers accessible routes to regularly improve customer workflows.

Powerful Partnerships

Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers like Xerox, HP, and more give us access to the latest technology on the market. Using high-quality tools alongside world-class XMC expertise is the most effective route to business success.

Quality Assurance

We continuously improve our methods to provide ever-increasing value to our customers. Our technology services form the foundation of a long-term partnership that generates increasing value over time.

Quick Response

The XMC team is always available to address the needs of our customers. Whether you have service issues that need immediate attention or simply wish to talk about potential technology improvements, XMC is here for you.

Proactive Monitoring & Analysis

XMC cares about the community that it is a part of. Our “all-in” commitment is all about investing in the community we serve and giving our employees the opportunity to make a difference.

Community Involvement

XMC cares about the community that it is a part of. Our “all-in” commitment is all about investing in the community we serve and giving our employees the opportunity to make a difference.